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Minneapolis Salsa Bachata Dance

Welcome to Minneapolis Salsa Bachata Dance! We're delighted to have you join our dance community. Before you get started, please take a moment to review our terms and conditions, as they govern your use of our dance classes and related services.

1. Registration and Enrollment:

By registering for classes at Minneapolis Salsa Bachata Dance, you agree to provide accurate and complete information during the enrollment process. Classes are available for individuals who meet the specified age and skill level requirements.

2. Class Policies:

Detailed information about class schedules, locations, and durations can be found on our website or provided by our staff. Class schedules are subject to change, and any updates will be communicated in advance.

3. Fees and Payments:

Tuition fees and additional costs are outlined on our website and may be subject to change. Payments are due by the specified deadlines, and late payments may incur additional fees. All transactions are final, and we do not provide refunds unless they fall under our money back guarantee.

4. Refund Policy:

Minneapolis Salsa Bachata Dance operates under a no-refund policy. Any deemed special refund requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Refunds requested under the membership guarantee are also subject to case-by-case assessment as long as they meet the minimum criteria. (Attended at least 3 classes within 10 days after purchase and requested refund within the 10 day period).

5. Attendance and Punctuality:

Regular attendance is crucial for the progress of each student. Please notify us in advance if you are unable to attend a class. Excessive absences or tardiness may impact a student's participation in performances or other studio events.

6. Code of Conduct:

We expect all students and their parents/guardians to uphold a high standard of behavior. Disruptive or inappropriate behavior may result in disciplinary action, including termination of services.

7. Safety and Health:

The safety and well-being of our students are of utmost importance. Please inform us of any medical conditions or allergies that may affect participation in dance activities.

8. Liability Waiver:

By enrolling in classes at Minneapolis Salsa Bachata Dance, you acknowledge the inherent risks associated with dance activities. By attending classes or events at our studio you are waiving any liability in any classes or events.

9. Photo and Video Release:

We may use photos or videos of students for promotional purposes. By enrolling, you grant Minneapolis Salsa Bachata Dance permission to use such materials.

10. Communication:

Communication between Minneapolis Salsa Bachata Dance and students/parents will primarily occur through specified communication channels. Please ensure your contact information is up to date.

11. Termination of Services:

Minneapolis Salsa Bachata Dance reserves the right to terminate services to any student for reasons including but not limited to non-compliance with our policies or disruptive behavior.

12. Intellectual Property:

Any choreography, routines, or materials created during classes are the intellectual property of Minneapolis Salsa Bachata Dance.

13. Miscellaneous Provisions:

These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and Minneapolis Salsa Bachata Dance. By enrolling in our classes or attending our events, you indicate your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Thank you for choosing Minneapolis Salsa Bachata Dance! We look forward to dancing with you.

Minneapolis Salsa Bachata Dance

Minneapolis Salsa Bachata Dance

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